Company Overview

Cinema Solutions, Inc. is a software company dedicated to providing advanced electronic purchasing management (e-Procurement) solutions to small-to-medium size businesses as well as large companies. All of our solutions are built on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment model. In fact, we are proud to say we were providing SaaS solutions even before the term "SaaS" was coined. SaaS is taking the software world by storm and is quickly becoming the preferred deployment model for B2B software.

Our History

The company began in March, 2000, when the Cinema Solutions portal was launched. The Cinema Solutions portal is considered a multi-tenant, single instance SaaS solution where the "tenants" are buyer and supplier organizations. This model and its scalability make the Cinema Solutions portal a Level 3 SaaS solution (out of 4 levels), as defined by Microsoft Corporation. The service began with one theatre chain and one supplier and quickly grew into the industry's largest purchasing network managing over 12,000 purchase orders monthly and over $100 million annually.

Our Future

In 2006, Cinema Solutions, Inc. spun off ReactorNet Technologies, LLC as a wholely owned subsidiary. Under the ReactorNet brand, the company continues to grow by leveraging its experience and software. The ReactorNet e-Procurement Solution, which now officially powers the Cinema Solutions portal, can be licensed for other public or private, multi-tenant or single-tenant uses.

Our Team

Core to the success of our company is our small team of dedicated and determined entrepreneurs. With our original team still intact, Cinema Solutions continues to grow in terms of its customer base and capabilities. Our customers rely on us to keep them ahead of the technology curve and we rely on the experience and vision of our highly skilled team of professionals to keep us on the cutting edge.

If you would like to learn more about Cinema Solutions the company, please contact us online through our Contact Us form.