Features & Benefits

There is an old saying in the business world...if you can't measure it, you can't manage it. Cinema Solutions takes these words to heart. We focus on those features that can truly give you measurable results so you can better manage your company's purchasing. Cinema Solutions is a comprehensive and industry dedicated e-Procurement solution. Just a few of the benefits of e-Procurement include:

  • Reduce time spent generating orders and processing invoices
  • Drastically increase invoice accuracy
  • Leverage purchasing power by reducing "Maverick" spending
  • Contributes to Sarbanes-Oxley standards (SOX) for corporate accountability
  • Improve buyer/supplier relations and increase customer loyalty through collaboration

Benchmark figures by Aberdeen Research, a leading technology research firm has shown that each of the benefits above can result in anywhere from 5% to 20% cost savings. Remember, every dollar saved goes straight to the bottom line.

The features below provide all of the building blocks to a successful e-Procurement solution. Additionally, the system is highly scalable, meeting the needs of any size supplier or theater operation.

Catalog Management

The Catalog Management module allows buyers and suppliers to co-manage an electronic product catalog. Suppliers add to the global catalog of products while buyers approve the products they wish to buy. This level of collaboration ensures accurate product selection by purchasing agents. A few of the benefits include:

  • Reduction in return costs for both parties
  • Accurate product selection increases brand consistency for the buyer

Contract Management

The Contract Management module allows buyers and suppliers to co-manage the pricing agreements between both organizations ensuring both parties are viewing the same pricing. Contract Pricing can be based on any of the following methods: Fixed, Percent of List, or Cost Plus. A few of the benefits include:

  • Accurate pricing at time of purchase
  • Less time resolving pricing disputes resulting in faster payment cycles
  • Eliminates "Leakage" of contract pricing during the invoicing process


Use any of the following methods for purchasing: Shopping Cart, Order Guides, Requisition Forms, and Spreadsheet Uploads. Each method is designed to ensure accurate product selection. A few of the benefits include:

  • Accurate product selection protects inventory levels and ensures consistency across the organization so your customers can enjoy the same experience at each of your theatres
  • Order Guides expedite the ordering process which means less time browsing for products and more time managing


The Shipping module allows suppliers to provide electronic information regarding the shipping status of an order. This allows the buyer to be notified of shipping details in advance of the actual delivery. A few of the benefits include:

  • Eliminate delivery day surprises
  • Allow more time to handle shipping exceptions


The Receiving module allows the receiving agent to reconcile all orders placed through the system. Receiving entries are compared to order and shipping information to produce any exceptions which may require follow-up. Additionally, information collected during receiving is used to optionally prepare the electronic invoice. The benefits of electronic recieving include:

  • Eliminate delivery disputes
  • Accepted form of approval from purchasing agent
  • Collected information can be migrated to a third-party inventory system through integration
  • Provides additional information for business reporting (ie: Fullfillment and/or SLA Analysis)

Electronic Invoicing

The Electronic Invoicing module is used to create and transmit an electronic invoice. The module uses a three-way matching system to ensure data integrity and prevent rogue invoices from entering the system. Output formats from the module include EDI X12, XML, Flat Files, and PDFs. Additionally, multiple formats can be used concurrently. For example, you may elect to send A/P an EDI X12 invoice while at the same time sending a PDF by email to the purchasing agent.

  • Increase invoice accuracy by eliminating double entry
  • Shortened invoice approval process means faster payment cycles


The Reporting module provides the type of business intelligence you need to make smarter business decisions. Our reports give buyers and suppliers a real-time view of what is going on. The system includes many pre-packaged reports condusive to theater operations, such as:

  • User Reports
  • Product Movement Reports
  • Delivery Fulfillment Reports
  • Purchase History Reports, including Rebate Reports
  • Accounting Reports

System Integration

Cinema Solutions has advanced interface capabilities to meet all of your system integration needs. The system supports multiple formats and transmission methods in order to accomodate the various types of back-office systems our customers desire to integrate with. Below is a summary of supported specifications:

  • Formats: EDI X12, XML, Flat Files (including Comma Delimited and Excel), and PDF
  • Transmit Methods: Ftp, Http, Email, Fax, AS2
  • Transmit Frequencies: Real-time, Batch, and Scheduled
  • Full integration completely streamlines the procurement process for buyers and suppliers

Supplier Network

The Cinema Solutions Supplier Network is a comprehensive list of the industry's top suppliers already enabled to work with Cinema Solutions. These suppliers provide products and services in virtually every category of a cinema's operations including:

  • Food & Beverage, including promotion cups, bags, and lids.
  • Janitorials
  • Projection & Sound
  • Movie Translites, Mylars, etc.
  • And more...

See the complete Cinema Solutions Supplier Network

Supplier Enablement

We can work with any industry supplier who wishes to join the Cinema Solutions Supplier Network. Our Supplier Enablement services can get any supplier onboard and ready for e-Procurement. If you are a supplier with minimal IT capabilities, let us help you achieve the capabilities your customers are requesting of you.

Private Branded Solution

Our private branded solution for Suppliers creates an instant private e-Procurement solution which can be used by all of a supplier's customers, even non-cinema customers. Additional fees apply. Ask your Sales Representative for more information.

  • Direct customers to your own private login on your own website
  • Places your company logo within the application to produce a private solution look & feel
  • Increase your capabilities and extend to your customers to create greater customer loyalty

User Adoption

The Cinema Solutions system is comprised of an intuitive Microsoft Officeâ„¢ like user interface. This helps new users quickly learn how to use the system and perform their tasks with ease and efficiency. Additionally, the impact of employee turnover is minimized.

First Class Support

Available to every Cinema Solutions customer is a first class support team ready to answer your questions and resolve any issue you may have. Our support team is experienced in all facets of e-Procurement, from basic user questions to researching and resolving EDI issues. Additionally, our Account Service professionals can offer you dependable advice in order to help you achieve your e-Procurement goals. The bottom line: we know e-Procurement.

Service Level Agreement

Cinema Solutions has a solid record on system uptime and we are proud to commit to that. Included in your license Agreement with Cinema Solutions is a reliable service level agreement committing to 99.9% uptime. This allows you to rest assured that the system will be available for your users 24/7 with only brief interruptions for scheduled maintenance periods during off-peak hours.