How It Works Diagram

How It Works

Cinema Solutions is an electronic purchasing management solution built specifically for the cinema industry. Electronic Purchasing Management is also often refered to as e-Procurement. As you can see from the diagram above, the solution is built on three very important design principles. First and foremost, the solution is provided through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) meaning there is no software to install and the system is accessed over the Internet using your web browser. Second, the solution is built as a collaborative platform for both Buyers and Suppliers to jointly manage the purchasing process. Last but not least, the solution is built on a configurable workflow which streamlines the purchasing process for all parties.

In addition to the design aspects mentioned above and detailed below, Cinema Solutions is a turnkey solution. Read on to learn more about each of these topics.


Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, is the newest wave in software delivery. A SaaS solution is one that requires no software to install and no hardware to purchase and maintain. Using the power of the Internet, you have access to a comprehensive purchasing solution 24/7. With SaaS, you get all of the benefits of an on-premise solution without the hassles of hiring or relying on internal IT resources such as servers and support.

A Collaborative Platform

Cinema Solutions works as a collaboration platform for both buyers and suppliers to jointly manage the purchasing process. Lack of collaboration has consistently been named one of the chief obstacles to successful e-procurement. With Cinema Solutions, this obstacle is dealt with head on by creating a universal platform for the cinema industry where buyers and their suppliers work together to co-manage the purchasing process. The immediate benefits to collaboration are accuracy and customer loyalty.

A Best Practices Workflow

The Cinema Solutions Workflow is a derived process that provides structure to your purchasing.  The process was built on the basic principles of e-procurement combined with standard cinema industry business practices. The Workflow can be configured to fit your needs based on Accounting and Operational policies. Learn more about the Best Practices Workflow.

A Turnkey Solution

Cinema Solutions is a one stop solution for instant purchasing management for cinema industry participants. From hardware to system support, we have you covered. What makes the solution turnkey is the system is ready for immediate use, is supported by a comprehensive list of suppliers, and is backed by our knowledgable support staff and team of experienced integrators.

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