Our pricing is designed to be fair and affordable to all parties. Cinema Solutions does not use a traditional Per User fee. We believe fees should always be value-based. With Cinema Solutions, the value is realized not by the number of users but rather by the savings achieved through managing each and every dollar you spend. Additionally, value is realized by both buyers and suppliers. Based on this philosophy, fees are shared by both parties: a nominal per location fee for the buyer and a transaction fee for the supplier.

Buyer Pricing

For the Buyer, there is a flat monthly fee per location. Additionally, there is an Account Setup Fee (see below) required to get your account loaded, configured and ready for use.

Supplier Pricing

The Supplier's fee is based on a percentage of each transaction total. Ask your Cinema Solutions Sales Representative for pricing.

Account Setup Fee

The Account Setup Fee applies to both Buyers and Suppliers. The account setup service will provide your company with the benefits of having an experienced Account Service representative work with you to set up and configure your account. The following services are included with this fee:

  • Initial Account Setup (i.e. User, Locations, Products, and Pricing Agreements)
  • System Training
  • Initial System Integration